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Main Certifications

SA8000 – Social Responsability

SA 8000, voluntary standard of social conformity, contains nine social requirements oriented to the increase of the competitive ability of companies that voluntarily provide guarantee of ethics of their supply chain and production cycle.

As consumers have developed a strong awareness towards social matters, working conditions are an important aspect for a company image. SA8000 standard, to demonstrate corporate social responsibility, takes into account not only aspects of a company employees such as health and safety, discrimination, disciplinary practices, child labour, working hours, salary but it also considers the management systems for the supply chain control and the management of external communications.

CSI works within SA 8000 as a representative of IQNet, an international network of partner certification bodies accredited by SAAS. IQNet is part of this network through CISQ federation.

Social certification allows to:

• Improve your outside image and reputation
• Provide guarantees against exploitation of minors and respect for human rights and workers'
• Ensure work safety and health
• Invest in human capital, environment and relationship with other stakeholders
• Facilitate access to financing channels


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