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Main Certifications

ISO 9001 – Quality Management System

A quality management system based on ISO 9001 is suitable for all sectors and company size. As ISO 9001 certification takes into account the mandatory requirements, it ensures a better company organization and the simultaneous compliance of its products.

The assessment of a management system not only ensures compliance with the requirements of the standard, but evaluates the efficacy of the processes and identifies the elements of the organization which can be improved in order to reach the desired quality level of the managed services / products.

A system of quality management, as management system, can be integrated with other management schemes existing in the organization (for example, the environmental, safety of the workplace, welding , etc.).

ISO 9001 certification issued by CSI will allow to:

• Enhance customer trust
• Improve company awareness and control
• Improve the sustanibility of processes and organization
• Identify the responsability and increase the competence
• Enhance company image
• Improve the relationship and the management of suppliers
• Convert the single experience into company heritage
• Increase the improvement skills
• Carry out combined audits for Product/System

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