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ISO 39001 - Road Traffic Safety

Thanks to its strong experience in the field of automotive safety, CSICERT certifies the management system for a safer mobility.

ISO 39001 defines the requirements for a Road Traffic Safety Management System designed to enable every organization, that somehow interacts with the road system, to reduce deaths and serious injuries caused by traffic collisions, controlling and managing the variables that are under its influence.
This standard is applicable to any organization, independently from industry and product / service provided. It specifically meets the needs of large companies and organizations with a lot of traveling employees or that generate a lot of traffic. It is a system standard, whose adhesion is voluntary, based on the logic of the Plan- Do-Check - Act, as all ISO standards for management systems.

The Road Traffic Safety Management System can be integrated or made compatible with the systems of quality (ISO 9001) and environmental management (ISO 14001).

ISO 39001 certification issued by CSI will allow to:

• Adopt an approach to risk management
• Reduce sickness absences and costs for vehicle repairs
• Reduce risks of legal citation for negligence
• Reduce insurance lawsuits
• Reduce insurance premiums

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