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CSICERT is the division of CSI SpA for the voluntary certification of Business Management Systems. CSICERT works in Italy since 1992, according to the criteria of absolute independence, impartiality and technical expertise both on the national and international market.

The presence of CSICERT within a system of laboratory services operating on a wide range of product sectors and a system for the certification of products - processes - services , allows to offer to companies a broad portfolio of integrated certification services.

The auditors are qualified according to strict criteria to ensure specific expertise in the organization's industry sector, offering a high quality service that combines the experience with a focus on the development needs of organizations.
CSICERT works in different certification schemes accredited by Accredia (Italian National Accreditation Body). For the official lists and schedules of accreditation visit the website www.accredia.it.
If the introduction of a management system allows to rationalize and optimize the management and production processes, the certification shows, through the declaration of an independent body officially recognized, that the company meets the requirements of the reference standard and is able to ensure the constant declared quality level for their products/services.

Certification is therefore a guarantee of the continued commitment of the company to achieve the specific aims of the scheme adopted and the pursuit of mutual satisfaction in the relationship with customers and suppliers .

The benefits of the introduction of a management system are:

• Process rationalization and cost optimization
• Access to a wider pool of tender notices and contracts
• Increase of the business value
• Additional marketing tool
• Organized management of processes
• Implementation of an effective management control
• Incentive to continuous improvement
• Ability to manage legislative compliance.

CSI is a CISQ body, federation of the most important Italian Certification Bodies active in all production and services fields.

CISQ is the Italian member of IQNet, the largest International Network of Certification Bodies.

All the companies certified by the CISQ bodies receive the pertaining certificate along with the IQNet certificate which is a valuable international passport recognized in more than 150 countries where the IQNet Members are active. All the companies certified by the CISQ Bodies are allowed to use the IQNet Certification Mark along with the pertaining CISQ Body certification Mark.

IQNet is the largest network in the world of certification Bodies active in the Management System Certification. It was established in 1990 and it is formed by Certification Bodies present in more than 150 countries.
The data of the certified companies, who obtains also IQNet certificate, are registered in a common data base.  IQNet database is one of the largest public listings on certified/registered companies worldwide. 


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